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Dries Van Noten @CinemaZuid in May

For the exhibition Dries Van Noten Inspirations, MoMu colabs with CinemaZuid in Antwerp. This month you can enjoy two movies of Dries Van Noten’s choice. He selected four movies – Iris, Chariots of fire, The man who fell to earth and Howard’s end -which are part of his inspirations, to complete his exposition now running at MoMu Antwerp.

First of all Iris will be introduced into your life. Although it would be quite a surprise if you didn’t know her already. Iris has been present in the New York fashion scene for decades and keeps on showing the world that art, life and fashion are just a big experiment. This inspiration has been captured by legendary, recently deceased, Albert Maysles in the movie “Iris”.

27 May 2015 at 20:00
Tickets: €5/person
Watch the trailer here


Iris at Dries Van Noten Inspirations  Photo: Koen de Waal

Iris at Dries Van Noten Inspirations
Photo: Koen de Waal

Chariots of fire is an Oscar-winning and fashion changing film by Hugh Hudson. It tells the story of two track athletes competing each other to win the golden medal at the Olympics of ’24 in Paris. The movie about the decided Jew and the devoted Christian was especially important to Dries because of its costume design by Milena Canonero. The release of the movie was for him the cause of fashion changing its course.

29 May 2015 at 20:30
Tickets: €5/person
Watch the trailer here


Chariots of fire at Dries Van Noten Photo: Koen de Waal

Chariots of fire at Dries Van Noten
Photo: Koen de Waal

Feeling impatient? Come and visit our exhibition Dries Van Noten Inspirations at MoMu to get a look into the marvelous brain of Dries Van Noten. For more information about the movies and the rest of the programme you can visit www.cinemazuid.be.


MoMu+friends, Karl Lagerfeld and a trip to Bonn

“Fashion that does not reach the streets is not fashion”

This was said by Karl Lagerfeld  who knew early on, as fashion visionary, that the future of fashion wasn’t just in haute couture. His creations made it past the catwalk, beyond the streets and into the museum, in this case Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, captured in the exposition Karl Lagerfeld. Modemethode. The exposition portrays an important fashion chapter in the 20th and 21st century in which Karl Lagerfeld was and still is the protagonist. And who would we be if we wouldn’t take our MoMu+friends into the fashion cosmos of this extraordinary designer?

Karl Lagerfeld. Modemethode - © David Ertl / Bundeskunsthalle

Karl Lagerfeld. Modemethode – © David Ertl / Bundeskunsthalle

On the 20th of June we will set out to Bonn with MoMu+Friends for a fashion field trip. In the Bundeskunsthalle we’ll get a guided tour through the exposition. Afterwards there is an entire afternoon left for the friends to explore Bonn, home town of Beethoven, which has a rich cultural history and of course many places to shop.

Become a MoMu+friend and in return you can join us on this trip for only € 39,00. As a friend you contribute to the collection of MoMu by donating  €50/year. In return you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Exceptional activities, workshops and events organised by MoMu
    Ex. SWEET-18 exposition at Kasteel d’Ursel
  • One year unlimited access to the MoMu expositions (for 2 people)
  • A 10 % discount on workshops, seminars and activities by MoMu

A little preview of what to expect:


KARL LAGERFELD. MODEMETHODE – Ausstellung in der Bundeskunsthalle from Bundeskunsthalle Bonn on Vimeo.



MoMu would like to pay tribute to the late Roger Dyckmans, a wonderful man and iconic Belgian fashion photographer, who passed away last weekend.

His work for Weekend Knack and WK- Mode dit is Belgisch contributed to an accessible visual language for Belgian fashion in the 1990s and 2000s. His kindness and patience made models feel especially at ease resulting in spontaneous and natural poses, like this ‘Mode dit is Belgisch’ cover from September 2000 featuring Belgian model Roos Vandekerckhove:

Mode Dit is Belgisch - By Roger Dyckmans

Mode Dit is Belgisch – By Roger Dyckmans

Another great example hidden in the MoMu library archive, which holds all the Mode dit is Belgisch magazines from  1984 up til today, is this shoot for the 3rd year collection of Kanya Miki, a very talented Japanese student who graduated from the fashion department in 2002. The shoot was done in the beautiful Carolus Boromeus church in Antwerp, a fitting décor for the baroque silhouettes of Kanya Miki.

The pictures are a great example of the magic that happens at the Antwerp fashion department, and are all shot by Roger Dyckmans:

Kanya Miki - By Roger Dyckmans

Kanya Miki – By Roger Dyckmans

Kanya Miki - Roger Dyckmans

Kanya Miki – Roger Dyckmans

In 2003, Dyckmans produced one of the most enduring images with a group portrait of 19 faces of Belgian fashion: the shoot was done in 3 different studios and Roger Dyckmans managed to merge them into one, as an early adopter of digital photography techniques.

This cover of Mode dit is Belgisch remains a very iconic snapshot of a moment in time when different generations of Belgian fashion designers were at the top of their game together. The playful and relaxed poses and postures can be attributed to the talented photographer who made everyone feel at ease.

Rest in peace, Mr. Dyckmans.


Weekend Knack - By Roger Dyckmans

Weekend Knack – By Roger Dyckmans


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Heritage Day: Antwerp in past and present

MoMu intern, Zerlina Van Belle, has been working on a special project which will be introduced this Sunday during Heritage Day!

The project consists of two parts. First of all, ‘porcelain cards‘ from the MoMu collection were inventoried. The surface of these paper cards were treated with white lead which made them look exactly like porcelain. The cards originally date from the 19th century and were mostly used as a way to advertise. Cards obtained by MoMu are only related to textile and fashion businesses in major cities such as Antwerp, Paris, Brussels, Gent and Ostend.

Historical map of Antwerp, 1855, Provincie Antwerpen GIS, Felixarchief Antwerpen

Historical map of Antwerp, 1855, Provincie Antwerpen GIS, Felixarchief Antwerpen

Secondly, a layered map of the city of Antwerp was made. The map combines the old map of the city (1855) with a contemporary map. The combination of both maps allows you to see where the porcelain cards were located and thus giving the opportunity to see what the fashion heart of Antwerp was like during the 19th century!

Historical map of Antwerp, 1855, Provincie Antwerpen GIS, Felixarchief Antwerpen

Historical map of Antwerp, 1855, Provincie Antwerpen GIS, Felixarchief Antwerpen

MoMu will present this project on the 26th of April in honor of Heritage Day! To witness this project first hand, stop by the MoMu Library from 10am to 6pm!

Want to know more about Heritage Day at MoMu? Read about it here or discover our exceptional workshop.


Heritage day workshop ‘Make Your Own Porcelain Card’!

Time to explore our cultural heritage! MoMu will be joining the 15th edition of the cultural festivities of Heritage Day which will be held on Sunday 26 April. To make things even more exciting and interactive, MoMu will be hosting a ‘Make Your Own Porcelain Card’ workshop!

Make your own card @MoMu

Make your own card @MoMu

In our MoMu Library you can discover the peculiar ‘porcelain cards’. These are business cards, menus or invitations that are transferred onto cardboard using a special technique. The result: A glossy effect resembling porcelain. MoMu offers you the opportunity to make your own historical card! Making the card allows you to engage with the past, truly embrace the fashion heart of Antwerp in the 19th century, and it will be the perfect souvenir to bring home with you!

All you have to do is mark 26 April on your agenda and visit MoMu on Heritage Day to join this free interactive workshop for young and older! If you want to know more about Heritage Day at MoMu, read our other blogpost.



SWEET 18 – A day in the life of Marie Antoinette

For many artists the 18th century is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The exhibition SWEET 18 at Kasteel d’Ursel in Antwerp will show you the 18th century through the eyes of fifty contemporary designers. Put together by curators with expertise in various art forms, the exhibition allows you to discover how The Age of Enlightenment influenced the work of artists as Erwin Olaf, Wim Delvoye and Walter Van Beirendonck.

Among the curators is Wim Mertens, curator of the MoMu Collection, who helped putting together the fashion-part of the SWEET 18-exhibition. When it comes to fashion the extravagant style of Marie Antoinette was a trigger for many designers. Her tight bodice, wide skirt and gigantic wig were all part of her exuberant lifestyle and are now a source of inspiration. Thus Wim Mertens gathered some of the most striking and fitting pieces from the MoMu collection.

SWEET 18 - Kasteel d'Ursel

SWEET 18 – Kasteel d’Ursel

The result is a visual summary of how Marie Antoinette was the catalyst for collections of designers as Yohji Yamamoto as well as French fashion houses like Nicholas Ghesquière for Balenciaga, Raf Simons for Dior, Thierry Mulger and Olivier Theyskens for Rochas and Nina Ricci. Also Walter Van Beirendonck, Bernhard Willhelm and Jolien-Rosanne Klaassen will surprise you with their take on the 21st century Marie Antoinette.

Wim Mertens, Curator of the MoMu Collection: The silhouettes that have been selected to be shown in SWEET 18 have both obvious and more subtle references to the fashion styles of the 18th century. The visitors are challenged to discover and interpret these links so that the garments are experienced in a new and sometimes unexpected  and unusual way.  The interaction with the scarcely changed 18th century apartments of the castle creates an elegant and refreshing effect.

© Yohji Yamamoto - Walter Van Beirendonck Foto's: Stanny Derderen

© Yohji Yamamoto – Walter Van Beirendonck
Foto’s: Stanny Derderen

You can go and explore the former summerhouse of the d’Ursel family from 1/05/2015 until 5/05/2015. In the old bedrooms of the family you can behold the various sculptures, furniture, paintings and of course fashion pieces to a soundtrack by British composer Max Richter.

Of course MoMu+friends will be there to see what the exposition has to offer. They will enjoy a guided tour by Wim Mertens himself and afterwards there is an afternoon tea to be savored by the friends. If you want to join us, become a MoMu+friend for this and many other experiences.


The artist is absent by Alison Chernick

Watch the trailer of ‘The Artist is Absent’, a documentary by filmmaker Alison Chernick on Martin Margiela, which debutes on Tribeca Film Festival this weekend, featuring interviews with Suzy Menkes, Jean Paul Gaultier, Inge Grognard, Geert Bruloot, Olivier Saillard and MoMu’s director Kaat Debo. More info on the documentary here.


Workshops for kids – Easter Holidays

The catwalk of the kids ©MoMu

The catwalk of the kids ©MoMu

During the Easter holidays MoMu organized a variety of workshops for kids between the ages of 5 and 16 years old.  All ages made different creations around the theme of our current exhibition Inspirations by Dries Van Noten.

As every designer, the kids needed to get inspired before they started to make their own collection. They visited the exhibition, but creative minds that children are, they got impatient and wanted to start designing themselves. In the workshop, they made their own mini-version of a garment. After some painting and sewing their first collection was ready to go on the catwalk. In other workshops the kids had the opportunity to work with flowers and gold, just like Dries. They also learned how music and fashion go together perfectly.

The kids visit Dries Van Noten ©MoMu

The kids visit Dries Van Noten ©MoMu

After seeing Dries Van Noten’s work in the museum, it was time to see his work in an actual boutique. It’s a lucky coincidence that there is one around the corner of MoMu Antwerp. In front of the window they got the chance to exchange opinions. Some of theme loved it, others found it bizarre but in the end they all had an extraordinary day and couldn’t wait to show their works of art at home.

Interested? Join us at the workshops this summer!

little designers ©MoMu

little designers ©MoMu


Pacman your way to MoMu!

Finding your way through the beautiful streets of Antwerp doesn’t have to be difficult. With the new Pac-Maps, created by Google, you can navigate your way to MoMu, simply by going up, down, left or right. If you can make your way past the ghosts (maybe pick up some cherry’s on the way) you can come visit our exposition Dries Van Noten Inspirations at MoMu.

On the 31th of march, Google launched PAC-maps to give people the best possible experience around them. Whether this launch was an early April fools’ joke or not, we like it. After wasting some time at time at the office, secretly collecting pac-dots on our phones, we wanted to share this fun little game with you.

MoMu on Pac-maps

MoMu on Pac-maps

You can use the #PACMaps on Google Maps on your desktop and the latest version of iOS and Android. Click here if you want to play the game (only works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox). After you finish, you can share your score with @MoMuAntwerp via the share button.


Tao & MoMu dare you!