New Acquisition: Les Miniatures Belgitude by Delvaux


Kindly gifted by Delvaux, MoMu has acquired the ‘Les Miniatures Belgitude’ mini bags!

Paying tribute to its Belgian roots, Delvaux has designed seven miniature versions of its most iconic handbag ‘the Brillant’. These limited edition one-of-a-kind cheery little ambassadors of Belgitude is an homage to seven cities in Belgium: Antwerp, Brussels, Knokke Le Zoute, Ostende, Gand, Liège and Namur. Scaled down in size but scaled up in craftsmanship, the seven wearable charms perfectly embodies the spirit of Delvaux.


In addition, Delvaux collaborated with Belgian filmmaker Jaco van Dormael to create seven equally playful short films filled with surrealist imagery and optical illusions.




Helmut Lang, A/W 2004-05. Photo by Stany Dederen

After resigning as creative director of his fashion house in 2005, Helmut Lang turned away from his former profession to focus solely on fine art. His minimalist and deconstructivist work is no longer presented on runways, but represented by galleries dealing in contemporary art. During his career in fashion, Lang kept the art world close by with various creative collaborations with stylists, photographers, and contemporary artists, such as Louise Bourgeois and Jenny Holzer. Whilst working in fashion, Lang spoke about his practice as being ‘against’ the commercial industry, as a part of a counter-movement that moved fashion towards a new kind of sobriety and away from 1980s glamour and excess.


Helmut Lang, S/S 2004. Photo by Stany Dederen

Lang still counts as one of the most influential designers and, this season, his brand was re-launched by Dazed and Confused’s editor-in-chief Isabella Burley, operating under the title “editor-in-residence”. Burley will oversee all creative aspects of the brand, and will sign up individual designers to work on solo collections, beginning with Shayne Oliver of Hood By Air. Burley explained her approach of ‘rotating designers’ to Vogue:

The idea of appointing different designers to work on projects was born of the notion of how Helmut as a legacy has influenced a new generation of designers. Shayne is the first of an on-going series […]The brand has such strong roots, there’s a very clear aesthetic, there’s a lot for people to respond to.

Oliver Shayne was most interested in the way Lang had played with elements of fetish and bondage. With many asymmetric bras and harnesses, rearless pants suspended from the waistband like garters and BDSM accessories, Shayne’s eccentric S/S 2018 collection clearly showed how he ‘wanted to bring back the vibe of sensuality’.

Helmut Lang had described his runway shows as ‘séances de travail’ or ‘working sessions’: they were pitched as art events, performing the mood of the moment in which his pieces were not just displayed as commodities but rather as clothing that was actually worn by creative individuals. For Shayne’s S/S 2018 show, casting directors Samuel Ellis Scheinman and Walter Pearce opted for a similar diverse line-up of old and new (street-cast) faces, bringing back several of Lang’s original muses including Danielle Zinaich and Kirsten Owen. Make-up artist Inge Grognard understood the raw beauty of Lang’s Nineties models and for ‘Lang seen by Shayne’ she added a two-tone mouth: painted in bright red with really thin and sharp burgundy in the corners.

It will be intriguing to see how these successive creative directors will work with the brand’s cult status and archive, and more importantly with the nostalgia that is still attached to Lang’s practice today.

More about Helmut Lang’s new identity as a contemporary artist here


TEASER: Olivier Theyskens – She walks in beauty


We are closed!


WE ARE CLOSED – MoMu is currently preparing its newest exhibition Olivier Theyskens: She walks in beauty. We will be back open op 12th October 2017. The expo will be the finale exhibition before MoMu closes for two years for construction. Keep an eye on our social media accounts because we will be updating regularly!


Happy Birthday MoMu!


On Sunday 27th August 2017, MoMu celebrated its 15th anniversary in style. After counting down to the event with our top 15 silhouettes in our MoMu collection, MoMu organized tons of extra activities for its visitors.


Collection, Event

1 day and counting!

MoMu 15 Jaar Aftelcijfers 1

We are ending our birthday countdown on a musical note (and with extra-long-party-pants) from Martin Margiela’s S/S 2007 collection. On Sunday 27th of August, everyone gets free entrance to the museum, and all our 15-year-old visitors will receive an extra special treat! Tomorrow is also the final day to visit our two exhibitions: ‘Margiela, the Hermès Years’ and ‘Nicole & Hugo. Swinging Ann Salens’. Hip Hip Hooray!

Collection, Event

2 days and counting!

MoMu 15 Jaar Aftelcijfers 2

The back of this brocade jacket from Walter Van Beirendonck’s S/S 2015 collection, entitled ‘Whambam’, shows his use of the catwalk as a platform for strong statements on modern-day society. This collection was inspired by the lack of privacy in our fast-moving world with prints that referred to two entirely different worlds: a dark world and paradise. On the back of this jacket, Big Brother’s all-seeing CCTV surveillance eye is combined with the nature and wildlife of Papua New Guinea, a tropical island that has been a longtime fascination of Van Beirendonck.

Collection, Event

3 days and counting!

MoMu 15 Jaar Aftelcijfers 3

3 days and counting… Rik Wouters made several portraits of his beloved wife Nel in her famous red-striped dress. During the Rik Wouters & The Private Utopia exhibition, MoMu collaborated with La Maison Victor on a DIY Nel dress designed by Christian Wijnants. The soft, restrained nature of Wijnants’ collections is imbued with an artistic aesthetic. Wijnants’ designs are both comfortable and sophisticated and combine hand crafted techniques with high-tech materials and processes.

Collection, Event

4 days and counting!

MoMu 15 Jaar Aftelcijfers 4

In addition to a diverse collection of contemporary Belgian fashion, MoMu also houses an extensive collection of historical clothing. A beautiful example is this 1760s robe à l’anglaise in chintz, a hand-painted cotton fabric that was imported from India and that, in the 18th century, became immensely popular throughout Europe.

Collection, Event

5 days and counting

MoMu 15 Jaar Aftelcijfers 5

4 days and counting… In addition to a diverse collection of contemporary Belgian fashion, MoMu also houses an extensive collection of historical clothing. A beautiful example is this 1760s robe à l’anglaise in chintz, a hand-painted cotton fabric that was imported from India and that, in the 18th century, became immensely popular throughout Europe.