Monthly Archives: December 2010

Stephen Jones & John Galliano

Stephen Jones and John Galliano have been working together for nearly 20 years. Over the years, they’ve created an astonishing range of hats and developed a creative shorthand, and friendship.

Stephen Jones for film & music

Stephen Jones made hats for films and pop stars, working together with directors and singers to achieve the desired effect. “He knows how to make the difference between a cute hat and a legendary hat”, says Dita Von Teese.

Stephen Jones & Europal

Europal Packaging produced the hexagonal hatboxes which form a striking setting for Stephen Jones’ masterpieces.

Marie Jo L’Aventure by A.F. Vandevorst
Lingerie of the future, a piece unique

Lingerie brand Marie Jo L’Aventure teamed up with A.F. Vandevorst to create a pièce unique that reflects the designer’s belief in the comeback of authentic, traditional creations. It is on view in the MoMu hall until December 19th.

The making of ‘Stephen Jones & The Accent of Fashion’, Pt. 1 – The boxes

A short film about the enlarged hatboxes which are an essential part of the exhibition design.