The black of Ann Demeulemeester

Silhouettes by Ann Demeulemeester at the Antwerp Fashion Museum

The colour black is a permanent attribute in the work of Ann Demeulemeester. In creating her designs, she always begins with the form and the tailoring, testing them out in black or white. Only when the final cut is achieved does she begin working with textures, depth and sheen. The addition of colour to this process is a considered decision that adds extra dimension to the design. Ann Demeulemeester describes the colour black as pure poetry, the most beautiful and most mysterious colour. Demeulemeester’s oeuvre is not one of brusque evolutions in style. For over 20 years, she has drawn inspiration from her use of black, revealing herself to be a master in its application, with such materials as leather, feathers and fur. The wealth of textures that she is able to glean from her use of black betrays her affinity with architecture and painting.

On the occasion of the expo BLACK, Flemish radio Klara interviewed Ann Demeulemeester (please note that the interview is in Dutch). She explains her relation with the colour black.