Ethnic costumes at the MoMu Gallery

Ethnic costumes at the MoMu Gallery

Costume by En-Ya Vandehende. Photo by Jens Mollenvanger

MoMu presents a selection of Ethnic Costumes by the 3rd Bachelor students of the Antwerp Fashion Department at the MoMu Gallery.

Third year students of the Fashion Department are required to present a collection of eight silhouettes by the end of the year. This collection must be based on a preliminary study of an ethnic culture. This study leads to surpising discoveries, which, combined with the student’s own experiences give rise to an original collection. The recreation of a typical costume or dress is seen as a necessary period of contemplation before commencing to design a collection. Using the ethnic costume and resources as a reference, the colours, fabrics, patterns, techniques, accessories and styling are developed and realised. In the third year students are expected to push their work to new heights to create a visionary collection that really highlights the students’ personality, creativity, skills, direction and passion.

With work by Lion Blau, Miquel Boutens, Leonneke Derksen, Eva Dunis, Maria Girelli, Frederick Hornof, Michael Kampe, Kenta Kodaira, Iva Minkova, Terumasa Nakajima, Niels Peeraer, Karolina Piech, Jelle Spruyt, Jantien Van Peski, Joosje Van Roode, Enya Vandenheynden, Matthias Weber, Laura Welker, Anouk Wirtz, Michelle Woods and Maya Zupancic.

Ethnic Costumes 2009/2010, untill June 2nd at the MoMu Gallery
Free admission