Visitor of the month

Irina Peeters' selection: Fashion, it's Belgian

In this series, we highlight a visitor of the MoMu Library doing research in our archives.

Name: Irina Peters
Nationality: Belgian
Occupation: Master student

Who are you and what is your research about?
I’m a studying ‘History’ at the K.U. Leuven, doing research for my thesis. I wanted to write about Belgian fashion photography in magazines, but my dissertation gradually evolved into a study of the history and evolution of Belgian fashion magazines.

What brings you to our library?
Belgium has very few archives providing material for research on fashion and in particular fashion photography, but the MoMu library is a great resource.

Did you find the publications you were looking for?
Although I had to adapt my thesis subject to the available information, I think I have found the necessary material to complete my research. For now, I am looking into old copies of ‘Mode, dit is Belgisch’ (Fashion, it’s Belgian) and BAM. Both magazines were conceived in 1981 in the context of the Textile Plan, a five-year plan intended to generate new incentives for the then floundering Belgian textile industry.

What is the next step in your research?
I still have to review the material, look for evolutions in the publications, find out who collaborated, etc… I have to decide whether I will do my analysis on the texts, on the pictures or whether I should make it broader and put everything in a social context.