Marie Jo L’Aventure by A.F. Vandevorst
Lingerie of the future, a piece unique

Piece unique by A.F. Vandevorst

For A/W 2011 the design lingerie brand Marie Jo L’Aventure formed a unique partnership with the Belgian fashion duo A.F. Vandevorst.

The fashion duo created a pièce unique that was translated into a collector’s collection called Marie Jo L’Aventure by A.F. Vandevorst. The pièce unique is a modular object that reflects A.F. Vandevorst’s vision on lingerie of the future and is now on view in the hall of the MoMu until 19/12. It consists of three wooden dummies, attired with felt corsages. Elements can be added or removed like a three-dimensional puzzle. The felt elements are attached by copper split pins and moulded onto the dummies, using traditional hat-making techniques. Moreover, it is completely seamless.

A.F. Vandevorst’s vision of the future reflects a strong belief in the comeback of authentic, traditional creations. It was a conscious choice to work with wood and felt to create a ‘warm’ object. The shapes of the three dummies show a figure that balances between a girl and a woman.

In spring, the pièce unique will be auctioned by Bernaerts Veilingen. All proceeds will be donated to the Pink Ribbon Foundations, a non-profit organisation devoted to helping women with breast cancer and their friends and family.

Pièce unique by A.F. Vandevorst
Until December 19th in the MoMu hall