‘Shades of black’ at Trajector Art Fair

Coinciding with the ‘Black. Masters of Black in Fashion & Costume’ exhibition, Taut and Trajector Art Fair collaborated with MoMu to present a programme that extends the discourse on the use of black presented in the exhibition.

The event will open with a presentation by cultural historian Emmanuele Dirix (contributor at MoMu’s Black expo) who is well known for examining relationships between fashion’s representations of women and the cultural narratives arising around them, perhaps most notably for examining the apocryphal -yet ubiquitous- folklore surrounding Chanel’s invention of ‘the little black dress’.

Her presentation will segue into a panel discussion which will take ‘the little black dress’ and the use of black in women’s fashion to examine some of the other narratives, ideas and social mores arising from them. Panellists include Emmanuele Dirix, Laurent Dombrowicz, Vanalyne Green and Brigitte Stepputtis.

Shades of Black, April 24th at Hotel BLOOM!
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