Monthly Archives: February 2011

Sorry, we’re closed

‘Stephen Jones & The Accent of Fashion’ has ended. Everyone at the MoMu is working hard on ‘Unravel’, which opens March 16th.

MoMu School workshop on hats

Children presented the fruit of their work at the MoMu Atelier. Inspired by Stephen Jones’ designs, they drew imaginary hats which they realized in ten weekly sessions.

Designer Clothes:
Heritage objects in the MoMu collection

When MoMu adds a contemporary designer peace to its collector, cultural importance and relevance in the fashion history are carefully studied. The piece no longer fulfils commercial purposes and gets preserved carefully by the collection department.

Seam & Star

The ‘Seam & Star’ booklet compiles observations on male elegeance by Dirk Lauwaert, Louise Wallenberg, Christopher Breward, Stella Bruzzi, Patrizia Calefato, Paola Colaiacomo, Erik De Kuyper, José Teunissen and Dr. Tamar Jeffers McDonald.