Open Fashion project

MoMu collection storage room

In november 2010, the research project ‘Semantic Depot’, for the Master assignments of the Fashion Academy, took off. The Antwerp Fashion Department manages a great archive of graduation projects that attracts international attention. The content of this digital archive goes hand in hand with the Contemporary Fashion Archive, an international database managed by Antwerp MoMu and Viennese Unit-F Büro für Mode. In this project, the Antwerp Fashion Department and MoMu aim to combine both existing databases and add more newly digitized material. The main goal is to develop a data model that meets the international standards and the criteria of open data. This will make it possible for aggregators and platforms, like Europeana, to harvest data. In addition to that, a new interface will be developed on the integrated database. This project will serve as a platform for the partners to enlarge the visibility of Belgian fashion designers. The project is supported by the Flemish Government with a grant of €49.334 and will take place from November 2010 until October 2011.

Supported by the Flemish Government