Walter’s videos:
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star & Over The Rainbow

On the occasion of the exhibition Dream the world awake, MoMu Library has digitalized all the available videos from the collection of Walter Van Beirendonck over the past three decades. As the exhibition advances, each week two new videos will be posted on the video page of the exhibition’s website and on the MoMu Blog!

First two videos that are up:

W.&L.T. S/S1994 – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
(See video on top of this post)
August 1993 at the St. Felix Warehouse, Antwerp, Belgium.
Setting: First floor of an abandoned wooden 1900′s warehouse. White painted and 50 metres long catwalk illuminated by 20 mirrorballs, black light and white light. Music mixed by a live DJ.
Styling: 100 street models, all ages, colours and sizes with gold leaf and phosphorizing make-up and body-painting. Indian inspired ‘trompe l’oeil’-prints. Tattoos on clothes and bodies, and tough graffiti in bright colours.

W.&L.T. S/S1995 – Over The Rainbow
August 1994 at the Tanzbrunnen, Cologne, Germany.
Setting: A fountain in a park of the bank of the Rhine, where a gigantic white ‘wedding cake’-style catwalk was built. 120 models walked ‘on water’, then climbing the big set. At the finale, all models posed on the circular construction of 9 metres high, while the fountains started ‘dancing’.
Styling: 7 models opened the show, each from head to toe in a rainbow colour, followed by Neo-Punks and Techno-Teds in shiny futuristic suits, accompanied by Glam Kings/Queens and futuristic Chine Girls.