Walter’s videos:
Paradise pleasure productions
& Killer/astral travel/4D-HI-D

On the occasion of the exhibition Dream the world awake, MoMu Library has digitalized all the available videos from the collection of Walter Van Beirendonck over the past three decades. As the exhibition advances, each week two new videos will be posted on the video page of the exhibition’s website and on the MoMu Blog!

The next two videos are online:

W.&L.T. A/W1995-96 – Paradise Pleasure Productions
(See video on top of this post)
January 1995 at the Elysée Montmartre, Paris, France
Setting: The audience was seated in a ‘black box’ around a transparent catwalk. Slogans and ‘nature’ images were projected on both sides. Finale: one side of the box collapsed and showed all 120 models in line up on a huge stage.
Styling: How soft/strong Superheroes can be: 120 models looking like wrestlers or crash dummies, covered from head to toe in shiny and vibrant latex, combined with though and square outfits. Rubber standing for: Safe sex, Eco-projection, new skin.

July 1995 at the Lido, Paris, France
Setting: The famous Lido nightclub in Paris. Parts of the Lido show were included in the fashionshow. The show started with 15 minutes of images from the CD-rom, and ended with all 120 models partying on stage.
Styling: Killer: 40 muscled black models with coloured space wigs. Astral Travel: 40 pale models wearing poetic white and pastels. 4D-Hi-D: 40 models with ‘ET’-heads on which slogans were printed, reducing their view to a minimum. ‘Fashion diving’ was invented that very minute.