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The edition Symposium 2: Seam & Star – Male Elegance compiles the proceedings of the symposium of the same name held on November 29th, 2008 at the MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp. The booklet gives an overview of 5 different observations on male elegance, with contributions by Dirk Lauwaert, Louise Wallenberg, Christopher Breward, Stella Bruzzi, Patrizia Calefato, Paola Colaiacomo, Erik De Kuyper, José Teunissen and Dr. Tamar Jeffers McDonald.

Film costumes show us attire that is worn, in which someone moves about, with which a story is told and feelings are experienced. At the same time, this wearing, this movement, this narrating and experiencing discloses the potential dormant in any ensemble. The film costume endows the actor with emotions, while the actor confers emotions to the costume. As a rule, emotions in film are concerned with love, and as a rule they take place between men and women. As a rule, the woman is attractive to the male: she is coveted and the actress and director do everything in their power to kindle and preserve male desire. Amongst other things, clothes play an important role in this dynamic. So far, so good. Of course, there is a different side to the story: the woman who wants to be desired also desires for her part. How does the costume designer dress the desirable man? Elegantly or rough, refined or direct? In short, which vestimentary instruments does the costume designer equip the actor with? This is what is at stake in the following essays. (Dirk Lauwaert)

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