MoMu and Mercedes present
Recollection Quartett

Henrik Vibskov, Bernhard Willhelm, Mikio Sakabe and Peter Pilotto

For the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, MoMu and Mercedes-Benz, invited Belgian art director Frederik Heyman and 4 fashion designers with exceptional signatures and outspoke styles – Bernhard Willhelm, Peter Pilotto, Henrik Vibskov and Mikio Sakabe – to create four installations.

At the heart of each installation stands a Mercedes Benz Young Classics. From these cars from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, 4 cars were selected that today have an undisputed cult status: W115, S123, R107 and C126. Not only the intrinsic qualities of the cars themselves, but also the widely diverse people happy to be amongst their proud owners have shaped how we think about these vehicles. Today our memories of these cars merge with our continually changing perception of luxury, craftsmanship, and functionality, and form exquisite material for fashion designers. Fashion only exists by the grace of our perpetual reinvention of the past, our rethinking of bygone style and fashion trends and our translation of these for the women and men of today. In their designs, we asked the designers to reflect on how the Young Classics can still inspire us today and to interpret the widely varying connotations associated with these cars into a contemporary context.

For each Young Classics, photographer and artist Frederik Heyman created a unique decor and used it only once in a photographic illustration. The design of tableaux and their photographic reproduction are central to Heyman’s oeuvre. Humour and a surrealist visual vocabulary are an intrinsic part of his artistic signature. His decors are built completely by hand, in collaboration with a team of sculptors and artists. In the final results, the handcraft, the construction and consequently also quality craftsmanship are always clearly traceable. Fashion designers Bernhard Willhelm, Peter Pilotto, Henrik Vibskov and Mikio Sakabe have added their own visions to the installations with each 3 new looks.

Look out for the preview videos of Recollection Quartett, which we will post on the blog in the next few days!

Recollection Quartett
19/01/2011 – 23/01/2011, 12AM until 8PM (Friday until 5PM)
Bühnenservice – Stiftung Oper in Berlin
Zinnowitzer Straße, Ecke Nordbahnhof, 10115 Berlin
Free entrance