Monthly Archives: May 2012

Interview with Jacoba de Jonge

The exhibition ‘Living Fashion’ Women’s Daily Wear 1750-1950 presents only 100 silhouettes from the 2500 items of the Jacoba de Jonge collection. The story of the Jacoba de Jonge collection began when Jacoba was 15, with an heirloom, a wedding dress of reinforced silk, which she was allowed to try on because she was bored […]

Making patterns from historical costumes

When fabricating a pattern of a historical costume you will get a little bit acquainted with the wearer. Was she tall or short? Thin or fat? Did she had imperfections that needed to be camouflaged? Was she restricted in movement? Have there been alterations? You also get an insight in the techniques used for the […]

Chintz at Living Fashion

Cotton chintzes have a special place in the Jacoba de Jonge collection. Their colourful, exuberant patterns attract immediate attention, and this was certainly true when these fabrics were first imported into Europe from India, back in the 15th century. From the mid-18th century, printed cottons and woven linen fabrics had become increasingly popular. Multicoloured, hand-printed […]

Attitude to a shape

It is that time of the year where the Antwerp Fashion Department is hosting SHOW2012, the annual graduation show where the students from all 4 years present their work to an audience of 6.000 spectators on June 7th, 8th and 9th! The MoMu Gallery is currently hosting the expo ‘ATTITUDE TO A SHAPE’, with a […]