Behind the scenes, Exhibition

YSL desk snapshot

Mr. Saint Laurent's desk, Picture shot with Pentax K-01

In their quest for couture dresses made with silk from the Swiss Abraham archive for the newt MoMu exhibition in March, the MoMu curators went to the Yves Saint Laurent archives in Paris. A couture archive with over 5.000 dresses, a Holy Grail at the Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent, all stored in a professional environement.

The wall at Mr. Saint Laurent' studio, Picture shot with Pentax K-01

Here are some snapshots of Yves Saint Laurent’s desk, which they left exactly the way it was in the studio when Mr. Saint Laurent died. In the back you can see pictures of his friend and muze Catherine Deneuve and himself with his beloved dog Moujik.
The space, full of drawings, books and clothing is a very inspiring place bearing the testament of the creative version of Mr. Saint Laurent.