’8 ties’ by Miguel Chevalier for Hermès at the MoMu entrance hall

Miguel Chevalier, Binarie series, 2011, Photo: Hermès

From September 28th until October 7th, Hermès presents ’8 ties’, an animation by the French artist Miguel Chevalier to be presented in an installation in the hall of the MoMu.

Miguel Chevalier has been using computers as his principal artistic medium since 1978 thus establishing himself on the international scene as a pioneer of virtual and digital art.
The artist has incorporated eight Hermès tie designs into his virtual and poetic universe, to present the new ‘Heavy Twill’ tie collection from an unexpected angle. Two installations created for Hermès will delight and inspire the visitor: the interactive, virtual-reality wall projection inspired by the artist’s “Binary Wave” artwork and an interactive virtual book adapted from his “Herbarius 2059”.

In the case of the freestanding installation each of the 8 tie patterns will take on a colourful and spectacular life of their own in an immersive installation where the visitors’ movements drive the action and activate a generative music composed by the composer Jacopo Baboni Schilingi. In the other piece, seemingly magical book will present each of the new tie designs in an unexpected way accompanied by metaphorical texts written by philosopher Christine Buci-Glucksmann.

’8 TIES’ by Miguel Chevalier for Hermès
from September 28th until October 7th
installation in the hall of the MoMu, Nationalestraat 28, 2000 Antwerp
from Tuesday until Sunday from 10AM until 6PM