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1930s Fashion The Definitive Sourcebook

1930s: The book on the 1930s sheds light on the more mature femininity of the decade as translated by new silhouettes. The glamour of the Technicolor cinema and Hollywood starlets is translated in a figure-hugging silhouette that shows no signs of the upcoming austerity around the world. Until the late 1930s, European couture houses sold […]

Mom, why are you wearing my dress?

Do you know the phenomenon of your mother liking to wear your clothes? Throughout history certain forms and styles of dresses have been deemed appropriate – or more significantly, inappropriate – for people as they age. Recently this trending-topic has been subject of many programs and opinions on television and internet. In her new, smart […]

SCIENCE DAY/Sunday November 24th 2013

The Science Day is a chance for Flemish Universities, Institutes of Science or Companies to discuss and reflect current developments in Science by hosting various workshops and exhibitions. MoMu takes part in the Science Day 2013 by presenting the wondrous technique of 3D printing in fashion. This up coming theme seems to become more and […]

Christmas holidays workshops

During the most merrily holidays of the year MoMu again invites all children (7 – 12 years) for a selection of creative workshops. “When I grow up I want to be a fashion designer” – In this workshop for children from 7 to 9 years old, they will give form to their fantasy like real […]

Mary Prijot and the Antwerp Fashion Department

During the turbulent 1960s, the fashion and theatre costume department of the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts was founded by the then Academy director Mark Macken. He appoints Mary Prijot, pianist and artist, as the head of the new department. Under her leadership the department of decorative and fashion drawing develops into a fully-fledged […]

Joyeux Anniversaire from Jean Paul Gaultier

The presence of Jean Paul Gaultier among the jury of the Golden Spindle in 1983 gave this bygone competition an international aura, and his admiration for the talent he saw gave national fashion a tremendous confidence boost. For the catalogue ‘Fashion Antwerp Academy 50′ published by Lannoo on the occasion of the Happy Birthday Dear […]

Europeana Fashion Challenge

From 12 November until 12 December, Europeana Fashion hosts the online Europeana Fashion Challenge on Wikipedia. During this month-long challenge, participants are invited to edit articles related to fashion on Wikipedia and have a chance to win some great prizes. The challenge welcomes both new and experienced writers to create, edit or improve as many […]

Wartime Fashion

Anyone with an active interest in World War II and fashion can now upgrade his knowledge with the new and essential reading, Wartime Fashion: From Haute Couture to Homemade, 1939-1945, now available at the MoMu Library. The Second World War and dress in Great-Britain were the inspiration for Geraldine Howells comprehensive analysis and study. Howell […]

Inspired by… History of Dutch textiles

Recently the library has been supplemented with several books about the weaving, silk and coton industry in Holland, more specific Amsterdam and Haarlem. One of them is the book of Sjoukje Colenbrander – When Weaving Flourished: the silk industry in Amsterdam and Haarlem, 1585-1750. This book gives an impression of the little known subject of […]