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MOMU3 meets BULO

MOMU3 meets BULO by Frederik Heyman and Wout Bosschaert

MOMU3 meets BULO by Frederik Heyman and Wout Bosschaert

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Mechelen (office)furniture manufacturer Bulo, MoMu and Bulo team up for a creative collab. Anniversaries are the ideal moment to look back to its own heritage, but also to look to the future.

Christian Salez, Bulo CEO, asked MoMu’s Kaat Debo to share her thoughts how to translate the heritage of our collection to the audience of tomorrow. MoMu invited visual artist Frederik Heyman to work on the MoMu Collection, in a way that transcends the static character of a traditional exhibition. For MOMU3, Heyman creates in collaboration with graphic artist Wout Bosschaert, 3 fashion films in which he infuses the rich collection of the MoMu with digital life by using 3D scans and manipulations.

The films will be shown from October 11th until November 30th in a video installation at the renewed Bulo headquarters in Mechelen, which has been reshaped into a workshop for architects and designers (free entrance).