Inspired by… History of Dutch textiles

cover When Weaving Florished

Recently the library has been supplemented with several books about the weaving, silk and coton industry in Holland, more specific Amsterdam and Haarlem.

One of them is the book of Sjoukje ColenbranderWhen Weaving Flourished: the silk industry in Amsterdam and Haarlem, 1585-1750. This book gives an impression of the little known subject of the flourishing silk industry in Holland and gives us a glimpse into the lives of those involved.

Silk is also an important topic in A History of Dutch Quilts by An Moonen. Moonen tells about the long tradition and gives a comprehensive insight of quilt making in Holland that has it’s oldest references out the 13th century.
To deepen your knowledge about Dutch textile even more you can also read the new study of Herman Kaptein: de Hollandse Textielnijverheid 1350-1600: conjunctuur en continuiteit. Also when you like to read more about textiles, try Susan Kay-Williams’: The Story of Colour in Textiles.

Text by Lize Römer