Mom, why are you wearing my dress?

cover Fashion and age

Do you know the phenomenon of your mother liking to wear your clothes?

Throughout history certain forms and styles of dresses have been deemed appropriate – or more significantly, inappropriate – for people as they age. Recently this trending-topic has been subject of many programs and opinions on television and internet.
In her new, smart and entertaining book, Julia Twigg explains how it is that many more women of a certain age are finally dressing without pain and gives the reader a fresh view on this topic of Fashion and Age based on cross-cultural studies and investigations. Focusing her research on feminism, this ground-braking study is the first to systematically explore the links between clothing and age on a balance of empirical, historical and theoretical perspectives in the form of an absorbing and Imaginative book.

Another cross-cultural study that stand-alone in it’s field and now is available in the library, is the new book and investigation ‘Fashion and Art’, edited by Adam Geczy and Vicki Karaminas.

Text by Lize Römer

cover Fashion and Art