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Trompe-l’-oeil feathers

Feathers and feather patterns are very suitable to create a trompe-l’-oeil effect. They can also be treated in such a way that they do not even resemble a feather anymore. In addition, one can work with feather prints or use other materials that are made to look like feathers. Thanks to the wide variety and […]

New acquisition Raf Simons S/S2014

MoMu recently acquired a selection of the striking S/S2014 Raf Simons collection. Simons’ collection was inspired by Pop Art and explored the ideas concerning branding and consumption with slogans like “Artificially flavored” and “This is the new shape”. “Nature versus artifice: that might have been that might have been the core of it all. A […]


Pheasant is the vernacular name of many species of the Phasianinae subfamily (Galliformes order). There are twenty-three species of the pheasant itself, not counting the closely related species sic as Peafowl, Tragopan and Junglefowl,… Like most birds that nest on the ground, the females have a dull plumage which camouflages them when they brood, whereas […]

MoMu+Friends in Paris

Last Saturday, MoMu+Friends, the friends organization of our museum, took off to Paris to visit de Dries Van Noten – Inspirations exhibition at Les Arts Décoratifs. We could not have wished for a more beautiful day in Paris, both the exhibition and the city were a sight to behold. The sun had already risen when […]

Feathers and shoes: Roger Vivier

Ever since the 19th century, shoes and slippers have been trimmed with swan down, but because the feathers are so fragile only very few of these have remained intact. Although feathers are very seductive and elegant, there are only very few originals (intact) left with feathers. Ladies’ shoes, such as sandals and pumps, only have […]

Perroquet by Sølve Sundsbø

Born out of a lifelong fascination with science photography and nature documentaries, the movie Perroquet showcases a body of work by fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø, comprising a short film and a selection of photographs. Keen to produce imagery that didn’t fall into the traditional genres of photography, this project’s central focus is the perroquet, a […]

Birds of Paradise catalogue

The Birds of Paradise exhibition is accompanied by a beautiful catalogue, with a lay-out by Paul Boudens and published by Lannoo. The book is an excellent point of reference for those who cannot see the exhibition or those who want to know more! The essays in the book tell many stories about feathers in fashion: […]

Marlene Dietrich

The showpiece of the exhibition Birds of Paradise is Marlene Dietrich’s swan down coat, a loan from the Deutsche Kinemathek in Berlin. She first wore it in 1957 at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas and numerous times thereafter in the 1960s. The feathers of over 300 swans were needed to make the coat, which […]

Feathers & fashion photography

Feathers are popular in film costumes and fashion photography because of their graphic qualities and the playful, seductive touch touch they bring to the person wearing them. They are often used to bring out a certain characteristic of the woman wearing them by portraying her wearing a certain type of feathers. The same goes for […]