Monthly Archives: July 2014

New shoe donations from Coccodrillo!

The MoMu collection consists of approx. 25,000 objects, mainly clothing and accessories, 7,000 of which have been added over the past five years thanks to new purchases, donations and long-term loans. This afternoon we received a new donation of shoes and hats of fashion enthousiasts Geert Bruloot and Eddy Michiels from Coccodrillo! Here is a […]

Heart Of Vegas 29,999 Totally free Coins

The on-line casino gambling involves a lot of enjoyable and thrill. This was a accurate slot as the player deposited coins and if the pull made a winner, paid the huge sum of fifty cents.

Maison Lemarié and the art of the plumassier

Dating back to the 17th and 18th century the craft of processing feathers in Paris was limited to the feather workers or plumassiers who had their own Guild. An apprentice had to work in the business for six years and produce a masterpiece before he could become a master. The plumassier was considered to be […]

Museumnight 2014 at MoMu

On Saturday August 2nd, Museumnacht returns to Antwerp for its 10th edition. A successful decade of Museumnacht certainly asks for a celebration: for the occasion, the 17 participating museums add a festive element to their programme, and invite you to join in on this night of celebration! Between 19h00 and 01h00, the museums in Antwerp […]

Yves Saint Laurent and feathers

The exhibition Birds of Paradise concludes with a group of silhouettes created by one of the most important designers of the 20th century: Yves Saint Laurent. The way Saint Laurent used feathers marked a new era in the 1960s. Moreover, the silhouettes demonstrate that he continued to use feathers until his career ended in the […]

From September 25th, exhibition MoMu Now

MoMu Now: Contemporary Fashion from the MoMu collection, from 25/09/2014 to 4/01/2015, is a selection of masterpieces from the recent acquisitions of contemporary silhouettes to the MoMu collection. The MoMu collection consists of approx. 25,000 objects, mainly clothing and accessories, 7,000 of which have been added over the past five years thanks to new purchases, […]

Thierry Mugler at Birds of Paradise

The opening gown of this exhibition was designed by Thierry Mugler. A velvet dress with trompe-l’oeil butterfly pattern in the back cut-out, made by Maison Lemarié with peacock feathers, rooster feathers, eagle feathers and feathers from a bird of paradise. A huge butterfly is suggested by means of feathers in the open back of the […]

Feather fans

Since the renaissance feather fans have been used in European courts, where they are considered to be a luxury item and a status symbol. In the early 19th century, French Royal Courts would organise balls with historic themes that referred to the ‘ancien regime’, the era before the French revolution. As a result the feather […]

Birds by Melchior d’Hondecoeter

The introduction to the exhibition is a painting by Melchior d’Hondecoeter, a loan from elaborate collection the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp is currently undergoing major renovation, which will take until the end of 2017. The painting is presented next to a tableau with 23 stuffed birds […]

Kate MccGwire

Kate MccGwire from MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp on Vimeo. ‘I collect, sort, reuse, layer, peel, burn, reveal, localise, question, duplicate, play and photograph.’ MoMu invited the renowned British artist Kate MccGwire to intervene with her works in the expo Birds of Paradise. MccGwire primarily works with pigeon and crow feathers, birds that today evoke mainly […]