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Museumnight 2014 at MoMu


On Saturday August 2nd, Museumnacht returns to Antwerp for its 10th edition. A successful decade of Museumnacht certainly asks for a celebration: for the occasion, the 17 participating museums add a festive element to their programme, and invite you to join in on this night of celebration!

Between 19h00 and 01h00, the museums in Antwerp open their doors and provide you with an interesting mix of activities alongside their permanent and temporary exhibitions: nightly tours, music and dance performances, slam poetry, photoshoots, activities for children, film screenings, and of course some drinks and eats to keep you going. Not tired yet at 01h00? The Museumnacht afterparty will keep you dancing until 04h00.

At MoMu you can visit the temporary exhibition Birds of Paradise. Plumes and Feathers in Fashion. Immerse yourself into the luxurious world of the elegant and delicate plumes and feathers. For the 10th anniversary of Museumnacht, MoMu also selected 10 silhouettes of designers that play a significant role in the museum collection. Antwerp photographer and artist Michaël Smits was asked to create a digital interpretation of these silhouettes, resulting in 10 colorful images that will be shown in the entrance hall of the museum. Here’s a preview!


From 19h until 21h, MoMu also installs a workshop table for the little ones, and from 19h until 22h, you can get your picture taken at the FrameMe photobooth, an initiative of AmuseeVous that lets you interact with a selected piece of art at each participating museum. For this photobooth, MoMu selected two fans currently on display in the exhibition. Discover your inner Zizi Jeanmaire and pose with a cardboard reproduction of the fans, while taking inspiration from Jeanmaire’s performance Mon Truc en Plumes. Lastly, the pop-up cocktailbar provides you with the necessary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

All you need to do is get yourself a Museumnacht wristband. This wristband serves as an entrance ticket for all 17 museums, and allows you onto the Museumnacht busses. For more information, visit www.museumnacht.be.