Antwerp into the top 10 fashion capitals of the world!

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Antwerp has made it into the top 10 fashion capitals of the world! Having moved up two places compared to 2012, Antwerp is now no. 9. So what is it about Antwerp that makes it a leading fashion city? (source: Global Language Monitor)

Global Language Monitor attributes Antwerp’s top position to the success of the Antwerp 6 that still resonates into the 21st century. According to the Financial Times Antwerp’s rise supports the idea that consumers like “the nice and idiosyncratic”.

Kaat Debo, director of the MoMu, points out the success of even more recent graduates of the Antwerp Fashion Academy. And last but not least, with its very own fashion museum, Antwerp can compete with cities like Paris, New York and London.

So what do you think makes Antwerp a fashion city?