Monthly Archives: September 2015

Platform shoes Naomi Campbell & Vivienne Westwood from today on display in the Fashion Museum in Antwerp!

The renowned nine inch platform shoes by Vivienne Westwood that made the world news in 1993 with Naomi Campbell’s spectacular fall on the catwalk, is now on display in FootPrint: the Track of Shoes in Fashion. The iconic shoe in imitation crocodile leather (mock crock) has a very distinct Vivienne Westwood signature. Westwood is known […]

Anything Can Be A Shoe

Photo/Foto: Boy Kortekaas Based upon the principle ‘Anything can be a shoe’, the FootPrint exhibition shows the unbridled imagination and diversity of shoes in fashion. Shoes are not only a part of one’s clothing but they are also an object of desire, memory, emotional value and inspiration. Shoe collectors and curators of this exhibition, Geert […]

FootPrint: The Tracks of Shoes in Fashion, the book

The exhibition ‘Footprint – The tracks of Shoes in Fashion’ tells the story of inspirational and groundbreaking fashion shoes of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The exhibition gives the spotlight to fashion and shoe designers who left their footprint on the world of shoes by means of the exquisite and innovative designs they created. Geert […]

FootPrint Behind The Scenes

  After one and a half month, MoMu has successfully built up the exhibition and brought it to a perfect end. Our newest exhibition FootPrint: the Tracks of Shoes in Fashion takes you on a journey through the history of shoes in fashion. Today, we want to take you on a journey behind the scenes and […]