A.F. Vandevorst meets Fetish

A.F. Vandevorst shoes in our Fetish theme. Photo/Foto by Koen De Waal

A.F. Vandevorst shoes in our Fetish theme. Photo/Foto by Koen De Waal


The DNA of the label by designer duo An and Filip Vandevorst was inspired by military and medical uniforms, Joseph Beuys’ visual language (felt) and the equestrian world of horses, saddles and leather harnesses, juxtaposed with more fragile elements such as skin-coloured silk and lingerie-like fabrics. Their classic X010 boot, for instance, blends male and female components, a soldier’s boot with a heel.

The A.F. Vandevorst shoe line is called ‘Fetish’ because of the duo’s penchant for shoes and leather elements in their collections: each time, the shoes are a determining factor in the silhouette and combine robust elements with tender and fragile tones, a duality which A.F. Vandevorst keeps exploring.

Geert Bruloot about the designer duo: “I met a lot of Antwerp designers when they were still at school. Among them were An Vandevorst and fillip Aricks, the duo behind the A.F Vandevorst brand. When An was working as a design assistant at Dries Van Noten, she proved to have a talent for designing shoes. So obviously when they started their own brand, we presented their shoes at Coccodrillo. This was the start of a cooperation that has been very successful to this day. Her shoes have been on the wish list of many customers coming from far away, desperately wanting the newest version of her iconic designs.”

An herself has a preference for high heels, making her feel more confident, stronger and more feminine. An: “You can have high heels which are comfortable. Somebody who is tall, who is slender, beautiful always makes more of an impression. If you can enhance or achieve that with your shoes, then you would be stupid not to do so.”

Footprint: The Tracks of Shoes in Fashion until 14th February 2016 at MoMu Antwerp!