Design your own textile print during Dag van de Wetenschap!

Photo/Foto: Monica Ho

Photo/Foto: Monica Ho

Did you ever dream of becoming a textile designer? MoMu is fulfilling this dream for children on 22 November during the Dag van de Wetenschap (Day of Science), the biggest annual science event in Flanders and Brussels. During that day, children can participate in workshops to design their own textile print through the art of programming.

Technology and fashion are an unexpected, but perfect pair. For the past years, designers have been using digital techniques to create prints on garments. Antwerp designer Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos gained worldwide acclaim with their colourful and hyper-real textile designs.

Examples of prints you can design. Courtesy of Lab101

Examples of  textile prints you can design. Courtesy of Lab101

During the Dag van de Wetenschap, children will not be sending their designs down the runway, but the designs will be displayed on MoMu’s 10sq m2 digital wall at the entrance of the museum. Visitors and passer-by’s will be able to admire the results of the childrens’ creative endeavours.

Even if you’re not designing that day, we invite everybody to come to MoMu. You can see the children at work in our MoMu library, learn more about the art of programing or visit the exhibition FOOTPRINT. The Tracks of Shoes in Fashion. Entrance into the exhibition is completely free that day!

The workshops are in Dutch. For more information, please visit . The workshops are supported by Lab101 and Karel de Grote-Hogeschool.