New tour for our OKAN-audience

In February, MoMu started testing a new project for our OKAN-audience. OKAN is a class for newcomers in Belgium who are learning the Dutch language and culture. That is why our intern Jonas created the “MoMundoos” to introduce them to the world of Belgian fashion. The purpose of this interactive tour is to give the students the chance to get more comfortable using the language in everyday life and a cultural environment.

MoMu Intern Jonas - “Most students really love the clothes that are displayed and are very enthusiastic. One of the students for example said that one of the ethnic costumes reminded him of his homeland Cameroon. He told the group that the colors used in the costume are specific for each tribe.”

The tour consists of a visit to the exposition (currently Dries Van Noten. Inspirations) and the gallery with ethnical costumes. The students also learn how to embroider in an accustomed workshop. Up until now the project has been a great success according to intern Jonas, who guides the tours. MoMu hopes to continue this project in the future to give every visitor the chance to enjoy our collection.

Intern Jonas guides OKAN trough Dries Van Noten. Inspirations ©MoMu

Intern Jonas guides OKAN trough Dries Van Noten. Inspirations ©MoMu