Working with the MoMu/UA Study Collection: Reconstruction of a Blouse



Blouse (1890/1915)

Materials and techniques: Cotton; Silk; Lace: chantilly; Tulle


The only original part of this blouse is the black lace, which came into the study collection in separate pieces. The main part of this exercise consisted of historical research about fashion and patternmaking at the beginning of the 20th century. A sample of the original beige silk fabric was found inside one of the seams. A reconstruction of the inner blouse was made, based on the colour of this sample, fashion plates and physical examples of the same period. A second part of the exercise consisted of the conservation of the lace: vacuum cleaning, flattening by moisture and weights and restitching of open seams.

Words by Bernice Brigou and Natalie Ortega, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Design Sciences, research group Heritage & Sustainability. Project supported by the Flemish Government.