Working with the MoMu/UA studycollection: Making A Replica

Blouse (ca. 1900)

Inventory number: 80226

Materials and techniques: Silk; Lace

A replica can have many advantages within the museum context. For example: an exact reconstruction of an object, made using the original stitches and decoration techniques, can show visitors and researchers how these techniques were applied in the past. In doing so, the original object can also be studied without the damaging manipulation of many hands. Within the context of the University and the study collection, the making of a replica is a good way to learn how to manipulate an original object very carefully in order to take patterns. By looking at the object so carefully and with so much attention, and by executing the replica, great insight can be gained into historical techniques and costume in general.

Words by Bernice Brigou and Natalie Ortega, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Design Sciences, research group Heritage & Sustainability. Project supported by the Flemish Government.