(Behind) the Clothes.


On 5th June, Bruno Pieters, Belgian fashion designer and art director highly regarded for his avant-garde creations and sharp tailoring, believes that “fashion is about beauty and that the story behind fashion can be equally beautiful”, presents (Behind) the Clothes.

The future of Fashion is not just about new trends, it is about the urgent need for a new consciousness. High-end fashion must set an example in the clothing industry by adopting the highest ethical standards. These standards need to be transparent, because without transparency the consumer lacks the information to make informed ethical choices. With this exhibition, Bruno Pieters shows how he not only offers totally ethical, environmentally-friendly designs, but also leads the way in offering 100% transparency to the consumer. There are two parts to the exhibition: ’The Clothes’ and ‘Behind the Clothes’.

Behind the clothes – literally and figuratively – Pieters presents a series of portrait photographs of over 40 people involved in the Belgian fashion making process here in Antwerp. The series includes portraits of Etienne Debruyne, a Belgian Flax producer; Raymond Libeert CEO of Libeco – one of the few surviving manufacturers of linen in Belgium; and Rosalinde Heerkens and Aurélie Callewaert of Trois Quarts – Antwerp’s renowned pattern designer duo. The series also showcases Fashion creatives and image makers including photographer Alex Salinas; make-up artist Gina Van den Bergh; stylist Ilja de Weerdt; and model Anouck Lepère. In short, a journey behind the clothes showcases 40 members of the creative/ production team, from the raw material to the ad campaign, and every talent along the way. All photography by Bruno Pieters