Antwerp Fashion Weekend


On Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October all eyes will be on Antwerp and Antwerp Fashion Weekend, a new initiative highlighting various unique stores in Antwerp. Expect tons of day and night activities all over the shopping areas in the center of Antwerp.

Continuing the Uniqlo MoMu Sundays, MoMu invites everyone to visit the new exhibition Rik Wouters & the Private Utopia for free on Sunday 2 October! Entrance tickets can be exchanged for a free t-shirt in one the Uniqlo stores in Antwerp or Wijnegem!

Luk Lemmens, deputy culture Provincie Antwerp: “The museum actively stimulates the fashion scene in Antwerp. It is more than evident that MoMu participates and supports stores selling clothing of national and international designers.”

Nico Volckeryck, Antwerp Fashion Weekend: “We are thrilled that the Fashion Museum is joining the first edition of Antwerp Fashion Weekend. We hope that other museums will join in the future!”

Antwerp Fashion Weekend 01 October 2016 – 2 October 2016.