New Acquisition: Veronique Branquinho. A Belgian Summertime Story


Véronique Branquinho, spring-summer 2017 Paris, France

Véronique Branquinho, spring-summer 2017
Paris, France

Veronique Branquinho’s work plays with duality: Her women come across as both innocent and erotic, playful and severe, mysterious and complex. Belgian designers mainly stem from the North, which means that for them summer collections have a somewhat dual meaning. Belgian summers are characterized by complex alternations of humidity heat waves and gloomy periods of heavy rain: Belgian euphoria and darkness. Branquinho’s dresses for S/S 2017 intriguingly marry these features. The lower part of the dress has a faded 18th-century floral wallpaper print. It represents a nostalgic mood for sunnier days and sunny memories from ones childhood. The top of the dress in black cotton lace represents the much darker reality of spending summers in the North. Branquinho is known for offering a contemporary view on women’s lives and emotions, and here she interpreted the ultimate female uniform for (Northern) Summer.