‘Te Gek?!’ at MoMu


foto details Nadine - Marine Yee

This year’s theme of the heritage day is ‘Care’: it’s a great theme because it speaks to MoMu’s core mission about taking care of cultural heritage, but also taking care of people. In this context, MoMu participated in the exhibition project of ‘Te Gek?!’, an organization which raises awareness about mental illness through cultural projects. Three museums participate in this exhibition, which brings together 23 couples consisting of artists from different disciplines and 23 people who have had to deal with psychotic episodes. The works in the three museums explore various aspects of healing, creative sensibility and collaboration.

One of the works featured on MoMu’s patio is the work of Nadine and Marina Yee, a designer who is a part of the Antwerp Six. The work of is inspired by a 17th century corset and features the drug prescriptions that were prescribed to Nadine to treat her illness. The fragility of the work captures the fragile state of mind of someone grappling with mental health issues. Nadine and Marina made the work together as an act of care for each other as well as a statement about the artistic merit and capacities of people under strain. The exhibition runs until May 16 and the works will be auctioned by Christie’s at Museum Dr. Guislain in Gent on May 18. More info on: www.iktrapgewoondoor.be