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Europeana Fashion Conference in Florence

MoMu past and present meet at the Europeana Fashion Conference in Florence! Linda Loppa is the founder and former director of MoMu whose legacy is still part of MoMu today! Currently the director of Polimoda in Milan, Linda joins MoMu’s current director Kaat Debo at the conference to discuss the future of fashion museums and […]

Europeana Fashion Conference April 17th & 18th in Florence

On April 17th & 18th, Europeana Fashion will host an international fashion conference in Florence, Italy. Titled “Fashion Industry and the GLAM Community”, the conference will explore the creative synergies between the fashion industry and the heritage sector. The conference is bringing together speakers from the field, who will explore the limits and opportunities of […]

Introducing Europeana Fashion at MoMu

Imagine a place where you can discover centuries of fashion, from the latest styles of Europe’s 17th century courts to the runway looks of fashion week. Browse through thousands of objects, photos, videos, magazines, books, exhibitions, sketches and catalogues, all about fashion. This place will be called Europeana Fashion and it will be an online […]