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Heritage Day: Antwerp in past and present

MoMu intern, Zerlina Van Belle, has been working on a special project which will be introduced this Sunday during Heritage Day! The project consists of two parts. First of all, ‘porcelain cards‘ from the MoMu collection were inventoried. The surface of these paper cards were treated with white lead which made them look exactly like […]

Heritage Day 2015: Inherit!

Time to explore our cultural heritage! MoMu will be joining the 15th edition of the cultural festivities of Heritage Day which will be held on Sunday 26 April. Because of this special day, MoMu has a special treat for visitors! MoMu often receives donations from people who inherited objects such as grandma’s hat in its […]

April’s Fools Day Postcard

Happy Fool’s Day! Our librarians stumbled upon this cute hand tinted April 1st postcard from the early 1900′s! Did you know that the origin of April 1st is believed to originate from the New Year’s Day moves. Ancient cultures, including those of the Romans and Hindus, celebrated New Year’s Day on or around April 1st […]

Visionaire N°20 Rei Kawakubo

Our library is happy to announce that it has acquired a copy of the legendary Visionaire n. 20 edited by Rei Kawakubo “20 Comme des Garçons” for its archive. The issue was printed in limited edition and reveals itself as a visual dialogue with the eponymous brand designer Rei Kawakubo, who answered questions with a […]

Ann Demeulemeester book

MoMu Library has now acquired a special piece for its collection. The newly published book “Ann Demeulemeester”, curated by the Belgian designer herself, is now part of the library! Not only a personal perspective on the 30 years of work of the eponymous brand, the book recollects the designs of Ann Demeleumeester introduced by the […]

Dirk Bikkembergs, 25 years of athletes and fashion

MoMu is happy to celebrate its new acquisition! A signed copy of “Dirk Bikkembergs. 25 years of athletes and fashion”, published by Rizzoli International Publication, is now part of the library collection. The book recollects 25 years of design by Dirk Bikkembergs, freshly styled on 23 different male athletes, mixing archive pieces with the ones […]

Visionaire Rio

We are happy to announce that the MoMu library received a new issue of Visionaire! Visionaire, established in the spring of 1991, is a multi-format album of fashion and art produced in exclusive numbered limited editions. In the past Visionaire has published works by both famous and emerging artists from around the world as well […]

MoMu Library is back and running!

With the summer holidays behind us, the MoMu library is back up and running! Making an appointment is no longer needed. The library will be open on: Wednesday 10AM – 12AM and 1PM – 4.45PM Thursday 1PM – 16.45PM and 6PM – 8PM Friday 1PM – 4.45PM Saturday 10AM – 1PM (every 1st and 3rd […]

Summer schedule MoMu Library

During the summer holidays in July and August the MoMu Library will be open by appointment only. Please contact us by mail or call +32 3 470 27 79 to make an appointment!

Elegance in an age of crisis

A recent interesting acquisition of the MoMu Library is Elegance in an Age of Crisis, a powerful book that pays a tribute to modern fashion of both men and women, and the craftspeople who constructed it. The book illustrates styles that are still seen as the ideal of beauty and modernity today. The 1930s is […]