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DIY Margiela Sock Sweater

Margiela created numerous iconic pieces including the infamous sock sweater constructed from military issued socks that reflected his fascination with deconstruction but also celebrates wartime knitting as the ultimate DIY clothing project. A step-by-step guide to making your own Margiela sock sweater was also featured in A Magazine curated by Maison Martin Margiela in June […]

Summer workshops at MoMu!

  For our little MoMu fans, MoMu is organizing tons of summer workshops for children! Want to make your own dress out of rings or a top made of gloves? What about a sock sweater or a disco ball jacket? Nothing sounds too crazy for our workshops! For more information, check out our website. Register […]

Saint Nicolas at MoMu!

One can never have enough shoes. With more than 400 unique shoes in our FootPrint exhibition, MoMu wants more! To celebrate the infamous Saint Nicholas Day (Sinterklaas), MoMu has asked children to help and decorate the stairs with more shoes for Saint Nicholas! On 5th and 6th December, Sinterklaas (Saint-Nicolas) will drop by MoMu and leave […]

Science Day: MoMu’s Little Programmers for Dag Van De Wetenschap!

It’s that time of the year again where everyone is a scientist for one day! Science Day (Dag Van De Wetenschap) is the biggest science event in Flanders and Brussels and MoMu had something special up its sleeve. It is no secret that 3D printing has taken the world by a storm. With technology evolving […]

Design your own textile print during Dag van de Wetenschap!

Did you ever dream of becoming a textile designer? MoMu is fulfilling this dream for children on 22 November during the Dag van de Wetenschap (Day of Science), the biggest annual science event in Flanders and Brussels. During that day, children can participate in workshops to design their own textile print through the art of […]

Workshop Afghan Embroidery at MoMu!

In seven workshops given at seven locations, you can learn traditional embroidery techniques of Afghan women. One of the workshops will take place at MoMu. At the workshops, you will learn traditional embroidery techniques of Afghan women. In their homeland, these techniques are still passed down from generation to generation. These women will happily share […]

New tour for our OKAN-audience

In February, MoMu started testing a new project for our OKAN-audience. OKAN is a class for newcomers in Belgium who are learning the Dutch language and culture. That is why our intern Jonas created the “MoMundoos” to introduce them to the world of Belgian fashion. The purpose of this interactive tour is to give the students the […]

Summer workshops at MoMu

Workshops during the summer holidays at MoMu! During the summer vacation you can take part in several workshops at the museum. Visit our website and let your kids follow the footsteps of Dries Van Noten!

Heritage Day: Antwerp in past and present

MoMu intern, Zerlina Van Belle, has been working on a special project which will be introduced this Sunday during Heritage Day! The project consists of two parts. First of all, ‘porcelain cards‘ from the MoMu collection were inventoried. The surface of these paper cards were treated with white lead which made them look exactly like […]

Workshops for kids – Easter Holidays

During the Easter holidays MoMu organized a variety of workshops for kids between the ages of 5 and 16 years old.  All ages made different creations around the theme of our current exhibition Inspirations by Dries Van Noten. As every designer, the kids needed to get inspired before they started to make their own collection. They visited the exhibition, […]