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6 days and counting!

MoMu 15 Jaar Aftelcijfers 6

In every collection, Ann Demeulemeester’s preference for generating tension by means of contrast is evident. This A/W 2015 look illustrates how black and white  shades are recurring elements, as Demeulemeester communicates in terms of shadows and shapes, rather than colour and decoration.

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7 days and counting

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7 days and counting… Haider Ackermann does not often emphasize prints, yet in this A/W 2015 collection, Ackermann showed both graphic check patterns and polka dots combined with fitted jackets in metallic tweed bouclé. This silhouette from MoMu’s collection exemplifies Ackermann’s signature intricate cuts and his mastery of colour.

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8 days and counting!

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8 days and counting… Besides his work in fashion, Dirk Van Saene is also an acclaimed painter and ceramicist. This silk dress (S/S 2016), with the title “I Feel Perfectly Terrible”, is a beautiful example of how Van Saene uses printed reproductions of his paintings on fabric. Portrayed on the dress is Edith “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale, the unexpected style icon known from the 1975 documentary film Grey Gardens, and an important inspiration for Van Saene. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un4ZiZ-ZLT8

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9 days and counting…

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9 days and counting… The A/W 2013 collection by Dries Van Noten was inspired by the 1930s dancing duo, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. This resulted in a mix of masculine cuts and materials, embellished with softer touches, including feather embroidery and pearls.

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10 days and counting…

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10 days and counting…“On a windy night when the moon is bright and my eyes can wander through worlds of light.”

Words from Emily Brontë’s poem I’m Happiest When Most Away are arranged across the collar of Veronique Branquinho’s silhouette for A/W 2015. This collection forms the start of a creative love affair with Brontë and romantic fantasies of solitude, which would inspire her next couple of collections.

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11 days and counting!


11 days and counting… To celebrate our almost-15th-birthday we introduce you to an outstanding achievement of Belgian bobbin lace makers. The lace coverlet (King Baudouin Foundation) was probably commissioned for a European royal family around 1750. It would have been used on special occasions, like weddings or births, as in Europe it was the custom for a mother to receive visitors in her bedroom shortly after giving birth. The most luxurious textiles one could buy would only enhance the festive nature of this occasion.


12 days and counting!


it’s time for a silhouette by Belgian designer duo A.F.Vandevorst who have now been in business for more than 20 years. In their Spring/Summer 2016 collection, they told the story of an Eastern woman’s trip to the West on her motorbike. This Goth-inspired sari with mirrored embroideries from our MoMu collection subtly blends the East and the West, their woman’s heritage and the destination of her adventure.


13 days and counting!


On the 3rd day of our stylish countdown, we want to honour British milliner Stephen Jones. Although MoMu’s collection policy focuses mainly on Belgian designers, we are proud to have the largest collection of Stephen Jones outside Great-Britain. Stephen Jones’ refined and whimsical millinery is always exquisitely crafted and is often made of radical and surprising materials. This hat from his Spring/Summer 2014 collection gets the playful company of doll-size hats, appearing unexpectedly, like rare mushrooms on a beautiful tree.


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