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The Empty Shop Is Coming To Antwerp!

    THE CONCEPT – From 1st to 20th December, the Empty Shop will be located in Pulcinella close to Kammenstraat in Antwerp. With its high-end clothing collection drive concept, the Empty Shop is an empty store with empty hangers, cabinets and mannequins that will be daily filled and styled with clothing donations. Every evening, […]

Belgian Women’s Day – Suffragette Costume

November 11th is celebrated as Armistice Day throughout the world to remember the end of WWI but in Belgium it’s also Women’ s Day. Belgium has its own Women’s Day (next to the International Women’s Day of March 8th) since 1972 because Simone de Beauvoir had only one free day to travel to Belgium, which […]

Historical Costume, Class of 2015

From the rich history of fashion and dress, each 2BA student has to choose a historical figure with a costume typical for the period. They have to do thorough research, including the political, cultural and social structures of the time, as well as a detailed study of the fabrics, materials, patterns and shapes that are […]

New exhibition at MoMu: Marie-Sophie Beinke

If you haven’t visited the Dries Van Noten-exhibition yet, there is now an extra reason to come to MoMu before te summer! In our gallery you can currently see the graduation collection Der Klub der wilden Maler of master student Marie-Sophie Beinke. Until July 19th you can visit the expo of this young talent for free at […]

Open doors Fashion Department

#opendoors #antwerpfashion #today #from10until5 #fashioninantwerp A photo posted by David Flamee (@davidflamee) on Mar 14, 2015 at 12:59am PDT The Antwerp Fashion Department is having its open doors today from 10AM until 5PM. Did you ever wonder how the classes looked like and wanted to talk to the students and teachers about the curriculum? Now […]

Class of 2014: Historical Costume at MoMu Gallery

Until the 4th of January, you can enjoy the historical costumes made by the talented students of the 2nd year of the Antwerp Fashion Department in our MoMu Gallery (free entrance). These costumes were also part of SHOW14. From the rich history of fashion and dress, each 2BA student has to choose a historical figure […]

MoMu Award 2014: Madeleine Coisne – Centers

Every year, MoMu gives the “MoMu award” to a MA student of the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp. The student is judged by the creative vision and technical merit portrayed in the graduation collection. The winning collection is on view for four months in the MoMu Gallery. This year, the […]

50 Years Antwerp Fashion at Isetan Tokyo

Konichiwa! Japan’s most influential department store Isetan invited MoMu for an installation on 50 years Antwerp Fashion Department. MoMu presents the unique identity of Antwerp fashion with a selection of archive pictures and videos, the miniature mannequin dolls of the graduation silhouettes of the Antwerp Six+1 (Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten, Walter Van Beirendonck, Dirk […]


The ‘Happy Birthday Dear Academie’ exhibition is coming to an end but as a last treat MoMu has an offer you simply cannot refuse! We are giving away 50x ‘Happy Birthday Dear Academie’ tote bags! All you have to do is go to our Facebook page, share the giveaway status and you might be one […]

Antwerp Icons 6 more days!

6 more days to enjoy the Antwerp Icons in the city centre!