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For your reading pleasure!

Good news for all you fashion lovers! The MoMu library has upgraded its magazine display and subscribed to seven new fashion magazines. Even though the library already has a lot of subscriptions, the more is always the merrier. Another Magazine, The Gentlewoman, Love Magazine, Numéro, V Magazine, Vestoj, Commons&Sense Magazine and W Magazine are now […]

Chitchatting with our volunteer Maria Sermeus

Museumpeil, a journal for museum employees in Flanders and the Netherlands, featured a splendid article on our very own volunteer Maria Sermeus. Maria Sermeus has been working as a volunteer in MoMu for one day a week since 2003. After finding her grandmother’s gorgeous black lace dress, she decided to contact MoMu and present the […]

Europeana Fashion Conference April 17th & 18th in Florence

On April 17th & 18th, Europeana Fashion will host an international fashion conference in Florence, Italy. Titled “Fashion Industry and the GLAM Community”, the conference will explore the creative synergies between the fashion industry and the heritage sector. The conference is bringing together speakers from the field, who will explore the limits and opportunities of […]

Introducing Europeana Fashion at MoMu

Imagine a place where you can discover centuries of fashion, from the latest styles of Europe’s 17th century courts to the runway looks of fashion week. Browse through thousands of objects, photos, videos, magazines, books, exhibitions, sketches and catalogues, all about fashion. This place will be called Europeana Fashion and it will be an online […]


From October until January 2012, FoMu, the photo museum in Antwerp organized an exhibition at its Gallery on Visionaire, in collaboration with MoMu since both museums have a substantial collection of Visionaire magazines. The exhibition is closed since a few weeks now, meaning that the Visionaire copies can be consulted again in the MoMu library. […]

Cleaning the masquerade

“Have you ever tried to rescue clothes from dust and extreme old age? The 19th century costume plates are yellowing and aging disgracefully. Historical and contemporary clothes from the most fashionable of 1875: blue, white, grey with ruches, puffs, fringes, with bows and ribbons for women and men! Oh, they look lively those dashing men […]

Mourning jewellery in 19th century Europe

Associated with rituals of death since medieval times, black jewellery became fashionable in the 19th century. Mourning jewellery, such as the cross-shaped and butterfly-shaped jet brooch from the MoMu Collection, was worn on solemn or festive occasions.

Black in the year XIII? 
Donation of 19th century fashion magazines

MoMu Fashion Museum Library received a donation of a number of early 19th century fashion magazines and a collection of separately bound fashion prints. They are a valuable addition to our collection of historic fashion periodicals!

Visitor of the month

Irina Peters is a student doing research on Belgian fashion magazines at MoMu’s library.