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Working with the MoMu/UA Study Collection: Materials and Technology Analyses

This skirt was such a grateful object to do research on because of the story it tells about the rich culture and refined traditions in China during the Qing-Dynasty. Next to conservation treatment, a complete study was performed on the iconography of the embroidery and the materials and techniques that were used. This was done […]

Working with the MoMu/UA studycollection: Making A Replica

Blouse (ca. 1900) Inventory number: 80226 Materials and techniques: Silk; Lace A replica can have many advantages within the museum context. For example: an exact reconstruction of an object, made using the original stitches and decoration techniques, can show visitors and researchers how these techniques were applied in the past. In doing so, the original […]

Belgian Women’s Day – Suffragette Costume

November 11th is celebrated as Armistice Day throughout the world to remember the end of WWI but in Belgium it’s also Women’ s Day. Belgium has its own Women’s Day (next to the International Women’s Day of March 8th) since 1972 because Simone de Beauvoir had only one free day to travel to Belgium, which […]

Historical Costume, Class of 2015

From the rich history of fashion and dress, each 2BA student has to choose a historical figure with a costume typical for the period. They have to do thorough research, including the political, cultural and social structures of the time, as well as a detailed study of the fabrics, materials, patterns and shapes that are […]