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Game Changers: The Scenography

With every exhibition, MoMu takes great pride in the scenography. For the ‘Game Changers’ exhibition, the one and only Bob Verhelst collaborated amazingly with our MoMu team to create a piece of game-changing heaven! All our scenography images are uploaded on our Facebook page!

MOMU NOW: Interview with Bob Verhelst

We sat down with artistic director and scenographer Bob Verhelst, who designed the scenography for many of MoMu’s exhibitions, including our upcoming exhibition MOMU NOW. How did you come up with the design for MOMU NOW? While this exhibition will show contemporary fashion from the MoMu collection, I chose to use the Bauhaus-inspired primary colors […]

Stephen Jones & Europal

Europal Packaging produced the hexagonal hatboxes which form a striking setting for Stephen Jones’ masterpieces.

The making of ‘Stephen Jones & The Accent of Fashion’, Pt. 1 – The boxes

A short film about the enlarged hatboxes which are an essential part of the exhibition design.