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Workshop Afghan Embroidery at MoMu!

In seven workshops given at seven locations, you can learn traditional embroidery techniques of Afghan women. One of the workshops will take place at MoMu. At the workshops, you will learn traditional embroidery techniques of Afghan women. In their homeland, these techniques are still passed down from generation to generation. These women will happily share […]

Summer workshops at MoMu

Workshops during the summer holidays at MoMu! During the summer vacation you can take part in several workshops at the museum. Visit our website and let your kids follow the footsteps of Dries Van Noten!

Workshops for kids – Easter Holidays

During the Easter holidays MoMu organized a variety of workshops for kids between the ages of 5 and 16 years old.  All ages made different creations around the theme of our current exhibition Inspirations by Dries Van Noten. As every designer, the kids needed to get inspired before they started to make their own collection. They visited the exhibition, […]