Attitude to a shape

Skirt study drawing: Emmanuel Ryngaert, 2012

Skirt study drawing: Emmanuel Ryngaert, 2012

It is that time of the year where the Antwerp Fashion Department is hosting SHOW2012, the annual graduation show where the students from all 4 years present their work to an audience of 6.000 spectators on June 7th, 8th and 9th!

The MoMu Gallery is currently hosting the expo ‘ATTITUDE TO A SHAPE’, with a selection of the shape studies of the skirts from the 1st bachelor Antwerp Academy students.

The freshman year of the training in fashion design at the Antwerp Academy is composed around 3 main artistic subjects. The most important course is the one on fashion design. The other two main courses are graphics and tailoring/pattern design. Every freshman student has to start with the study of a skirt. This is actually the first design he or she makes at the school. For many students this is the first design they execute in 3D. Some students never handled a sewing machine before. The design phase takes about 6 weeks, the execution in an actual design takes from the 2nd week of November until the end of January.

‘ATTITUDE TO A SHAPE’ runs until June 3rd. Free entrance.