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Report Heritage Day 2014

On April 27th the library of the Fashion Museum Antwerp was transformed into a small exhibition space for Erfgoeddag (Heritage Day) in the theme ‘Without Boundaries’. All thanks to a generous donation from Wiebe Stodel in 2001, the library has a collection of over 6,000 books about traditional regional costumes, jewelry, body adornment and hairstyles […]

Symposium Birds of Paradise May 16th

On Friday May 16th, MoMu will hold its annual symposium. This year’s edition coincides with the current exhibition Birds of Paradise. Eight renowned speakers, all relevant to the subject, will fill you in on the different meanings and interpretations of plumes and feathers in fashion, and their personal connection to the delicate material: Wim Mertens […]

Chanel and the feather as a sign of modernity

Since feathers are considered a fragile material, and expensive when coming from exotic birds, they used to be shown only as a crown on top of the hairdo, as a head plume. In the twentieth century, the great couturiers gave it a new breath of life by exploiting a rare quality, its mobility, its reactivity […]

Black Swan White Swan

The symbolism of the white and black swan is a cultural reference to the two swans in Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake (1875-1876), where one ballerina dances the two versions of the swan. It is a fairy tale about Odette. She is turned into a white swan by a magician and falls in love with a swan […]

Bird of Prey: the use of exotic feathers in fashion

The Birds of Paradise exhibition has many different types of feathers on show, from different bird species and from different periods in time. The use of exotic feathers peaked at the end of the nineteenth century because of the popularity of feathers as fashionable hat ornaments. Wild ostrich feathers, heron, peacock and bird of paradise […]

Heritage Day 2014

Mark your agendas, because on Sunday April 27th it’s Heritage Day (Erfgoeddag)! All day you can enjoy an all-round offer of heritage in museums, archives and heritage libraries through Flanders and Brussels for free. This year’s theme will be ‘Without Boundaries’. The MoMu Library presents an installation with its elaborate collection of regional clothing. Most […]

Maison Minnie Mouse at the MoMu!

From today until April 20th MoMu celebrates Minnie Mouse, one of its most iconic figures at our museum! Since her first appearance in Steamboat Willie (1928) as Mickey Mouse’s love interest, the public have taken Minnie to heart. Minnie is a muse for many designers and has inspired fashion collections and catwalks from Paris to […]