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MoMu+friends, Karl Lagerfeld and a trip to Bonn

“Fashion that does not reach the streets is not fashion” This was said by Karl Lagerfeld  who knew early on, as fashion visionary, that the future of fashion wasn’t just in haute couture. His creations made it past the catwalk, beyond the streets and into the museum, in this case Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, captured in […]


MoMu would like to pay tribute to the late Roger Dyckmans, a wonderful man and iconic Belgian fashion photographer, who passed away last weekend. His work for Weekend Knack and WK- Mode dit is Belgisch contributed to an accessible visual language for Belgian fashion in the 1990s and 2000s. His kindness and patience made models […]

Heritage Day: Antwerp in past and present

MoMu intern, Zerlina Van Belle, has been working on a special project which will be introduced this Sunday during Heritage Day! The project consists of two parts. First of all, ‘porcelain cards‘ from the MoMu collection were inventoried. The surface of these paper cards were treated with white lead which made them look exactly like […]

Heritage day workshop ‘Make Your Own Porcelain Card’!

Time to explore our cultural heritage! MoMu will be joining the 15th edition of the cultural festivities of Heritage Day which will be held on Sunday 26 April. To make things even more exciting and interactive, MoMu will be hosting a ‘Make Your Own Porcelain Card’ workshop! In our MoMu Library you can discover the […]

SWEET 18 – A day in the life of Marie Antoinette

For many artists the 18th century is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The exhibition SWEET 18 at Kasteel d’Ursel in Antwerp will show you the 18th century through the eyes of fifty contemporary designers. Put together by curators with expertise in various art forms, the exhibition allows you to discover how The Age of Enlightenment influenced the work […]

The artist is absent by Alison Chernick

Watch the trailer of ‘The Artist is Absent’, a documentary by filmmaker Alison Chernick on Martin Margiela, which debutes on Tribeca Film Festival this weekend, featuring interviews with Suzy Menkes, Jean Paul Gaultier, Inge Grognard, Geert Bruloot, Olivier Saillard and MoMu’s director Kaat Debo. More info on the documentary here.

Pacman your way to MoMu!

Finding your way through the beautiful streets of Antwerp doesn’t have to be difficult. With the new Pac-Maps, created by Google, you can navigate your way to MoMu, simply by going up, down, left or right. If you can make your way past the ghosts (maybe pick up some cherry’s on the way) you can […]

Tao & MoMu dare you!

Heritage Day 2015: Inherit!

Time to explore our cultural heritage! MoMu will be joining the 15th edition of the cultural festivities of Heritage Day which will be held on Sunday 26 April. Because of this special day, MoMu has a special treat for visitors! MoMu often receives donations from people who inherited objects such as grandma’s hat in its […]

MoMu+Friends meets Wouters & Hendrix

When you are a MoMu+Friend you go places! Recently, Antwerp jewellery designer Wouters & Hendrix opened the doors of their studio to welcome members of MoMu+Friends, the membership programme of MoMu. Katrin Wouters and Karen Hendrix welcomed us with some lovely drinks and took us back to the days when it all started. Did you […]