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And the Belgian Fashion Award goes to…


MoMu supports the first edition of the Belgian Fashion Awards, an initiative by Flanders DC / for Fashion, MAD, Knack Weekend and Le Vif Weekend.
This year’s Award for “Emerging Talent of the Year” went to FAÇON JACMIN; a young label from Brussels and Paris with a unique collection of fluid garments, almost entirely made out of denim. “Façon”, or “manner” in French, stands for an attitude of being dressed.
The label was founded in 2016 by Belgian twins Alexandra Jacmin – who graduated from La Cambre and worked at the design studio of Maison Martin Margiela and Jean Paul Gaultier – and her entrepreneur sister Ségolène Jacmin. Together, they praise denim as the everyday canvas for women, as the most personal of all materials and as a powerful symbol of cult and youth. Their use of denim has many characters as it is cut and draped in all kinds of volumes. It can be elegant or casual, soft or tough, shiny or washed-off, solid or fluid, bold or sensitive.
Sourced from Japan, the pieces are constructed in Europe by artisans and local denim specialists. FAÇON JACMIN is the twins’ personal quest for a timeless, durable and empowering wardrobe for women.
In the entrance hall of MoMu, Alexandra and Ségolène Jacmin present their work in an installation in a very personal manner: always on the go in their mobile boutique tracing their paths on French and Belgian territories.

FAÇON JACMIN who will get the opportunity to present their work in an installation in the hallway of MoMu from 5th December 2017 until 7th January 2018!