Event: We Own This – Streetwear Talk




Mark 6th December in your agendas and join us for a streetwear talk at the first edition of We Own This at Cafe au Lait!

Streetwear has gone a long way from distancing itself from the fashion industry to now being the inspiration for many designers. In the 70s/80s, streetwear had strong roots in the hiphop, skate and surf culture. It was a way of living, expressing your identity and rebel against the establishment and the fashion industry. Today, streetwear is much more than that. Now more than ever, streetwear labels are popular. The fashion industry is inspired by it and streetwear has crossed over to high end fashion.

But does streetwear still stay true to its roots? How are (young) designers coping with these developments?

MoMu director Kaat Debo, is joining the panel of speakers and will talk about ‘High fashion meets streetwear’! More info