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Working with the MoMu/UA Study Collection: Traditional German headware

Traditional German headware (ca. 1890) Inventory number: 80289 Materials and techniques: Silk; Cotton; Wool; Cardboard; Metal thread (silver); Metal lamina strips; Glass beads; Stones This hat is a beautiful example of a mixed-material object that can be found in a textile collection. It consists of a metal frame, which was completely deformed, with a silver […]

Working with the MoMu/UA Study Collection: Challenges of Black Lace

Mitten (beginning 20th century) Materials and techniques: Lace; Cotton The presentation of lace poses a challenge because of its transparency, especially when it is a three dimensional object. A second year student was given the assignment to think of a combined presentation/preservation solution and to study the materials and technology of this black lace mitten, […]

Game Changers: The Conservation of a Balenciaga Dress

With our newest exhibition Game Changers, MoMu wanted to tell the story of how Balenciaga and the generations after have¬†changed the feminine silhouette from waist-obsessed to free form. To portray this liberating story, MoMu acquired the most astonishing pieces from the Balenciaga archives. But not all of them were in the greatest conditions. Thankfully, our […]

Working with the MoMu/UA Study Collection: Conservation of Shoes

¬† Pumps/court-shoes (ca. 1900) Inventory number: 81074 Materials and techniques: Silk; Cotton; Linen; Leather The conservation treatment of shoes can be challenging for different reasons: shoes are small objects which hampers manipulations during conservation treatment; they consist of a diverse range of materials which are sometimes invisible and unreachable (therefore cleaning possibilities are limited); they […]

Designer Clothes:
Heritage objects in the MoMu collection

When MoMu adds a contemporary designer peace to its collector, cultural importance and relevance in the fashion history are carefully studied. The piece no longer fulfils commercial purposes and gets preserved carefully by the collection department.