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Maison Lemarié and the art of the plumassier

Dating back to the 17th and 18th century the craft of processing feathers in Paris was limited to the feather workers or plumassiers who had their own Guild. An apprentice had to work in the business for six years and produce a masterpiece before he could become a master. The plumassier was considered to be […]

Birds of Paradise catalogue

The Birds of Paradise exhibition is accompanied by a beautiful catalogue, with a lay-out by Paul Boudens and published by Lannoo. The book is an excellent point of reference for those who cannot see the exhibition or those who want to know more! The essays in the book tell many stories about feathers in fashion: […]

Bird of Prey: the use of exotic feathers in fashion

The Birds of Paradise exhibition has many different types of feathers on show, from different bird species and from different periods in time. The use of exotic feathers peaked at the end of the nineteenth century because of the popularity of feathers as fashionable hat ornaments. Wild ostrich feathers, heron, peacock and bird of paradise […]

From March 20th, Birds of Paradise in MoMu

The exhibition Birds of Paradise – Feathers and Plumes in Fashion is an ode to the elegance and refinement of the application of plumes and feathers in fashion and haute couture. 19th-century accessories and belle époque garments showcase the refined elegance of the changing fashions at the end of the 19th century, emphasizing ostrich, pheasant […]